Thursday, January 23

This reason I bring this up is quite often I hear discussions that are centered around the products.

Converged and dynamic infrastructures, cloud and virtual environments area unit standard themes and business trends with completely different levels of adoption and preparation occurring. though area unit you that specialize in product, or the opposite annotation, that’s individuals, processes and polices (or a lot of here).

Industry Trend: knowledge growth and demand

The reason I bring this up is sort of typically I hear discussions that area unit targeted round the product (or services) providing numerous advantages, come on investment or value saving opportunities.

Very little discussions area unit detected around whats being done or enabled by vendors and repair suppliers, or what’s being adopted by customers to tie in individuals, method and policy convergence.

Put in a different way, the discussions focus round the new technology or service whereas forgetting or presumptuous that the individuals, method and policies can naturally represent place.

Will client policies, method or procedures in conjunction with internal structure (e.g. politics) problems with however individuals leverage those converged product conjointly evolve?

I assert that whereas there area unit advantages that may be obtained from leverage new facultative technologies (hardware, software, networks, services) their full potential won’t be complete till policies, process, individuals ability sets and even a lot of necessary, structure or division turf wars and bounds are addressed .

This doesn’t mean consolidating completely different teams, rather it will mean thawing out relations between teams if there area unit challenges, establishing AN abstraction or virtual layer, a virtual team to chop across completely different technology domains hairdressing numerous ability sets, new best practices, policies and procedures so as to contour management of physical and virtual resources.

Chuck Hollis (aka twitter @ChuckHollis) of EMC has a remarkable journal post (here) that ties within the themes of various IT teams operating or not having situational awareness that’s price a scan. you’ll be able to conjointly scan this business Trends and Perspective resolution transient that I did earlier this year on the subject of Removing structure Barriers for leverage Technology Convergence.