Thursday, January 23

This new documentation includes an updated ISO 27001 certificate.

An anonymous hacker on the 4chan web site has printed a series of naked photos of quite one hundred celebrities, as well as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and The Virgin Elizabeth Winstead, once reportedly hacking into the users’ iCloud accounts.

Even though the photos perceived to originate from iCloud devices – and although 4chan users mentioned it – it’s not been confirmed that Apple’s cloud storage system provided the leak. alternative theories area unit being banded regarding on however the photos were accessed, with one report inform the finger of blame at Dropbox’s door.

The explicit photos – not all of that are verified at the time of writing – were announce on 4chan before current on Reddit and Twitter.

Lawrence’s agent confirmed the truthfulness of the photographs, and vulnerable action at law against those accountable.

“This may be a obvious violation of privacy,” the proponent told the BBC. “The authorities are contacted and can prosecute anyone UN agency posts the taken photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”

Winstead, posting on Twitter, conjointly confirmed the photos were of her, adding that owing to their age she may “only imagine the creepy effort that went into this.”

Elsewhere, whereas iCloud accounts were being hacked, Google declared its Cloud Platform had received associate upgraded set of security certificates.

The new documentation includes associate updated ISO 27001 certificate, moreover as associate SOC two and SOC three sort II audit report, which may be seen altogether its glory here.

“Keeping your knowledge safe is at the core of what we tend to do,” wrote Google Apps director of security Eran Feigenbaum during a diary post.

“These certifications, at the side of our existing offerings…help assure our customers and their regulators that we’re committed to keeping their knowledge which of their users secure, non-public and compliant,” he added.

In 2012, patron saint Chaney was unfree for ten years once unseaworthy nude photos of histrion Scarlet Johansson.

What does one build of this leak? will this cause you to additional involved regarding the safety of your cloud data?