Sunday, February 23

Cloud computing may be used as a necessary tools and with the right approach.

With the quality & Poor’s downgraded its credit rating folks, the world’s largest economy, to ‘AA+’ from ‘AAA’ triggering recent fears concerning the general health of worldwide economy, it’s wide speculated that a turbulent U.S. market is also a bother for the Indian IT outsourcing sector, that the U.S. market accounts for on the brink of hour of revenues.

Economictimes (ET) has printed its views on however another recession could have an effect on the IT sector. There square measure variety of news articles arising during this regard and also the news is rife that Indian IT players could get wedged.

My personal viewpoint is that if the current state of affairs worsens within the U.S. , there may be a big impact for tiny to middle size IT answer players in Asian nation (E.g. one thousand to ten thousand individuals size,50 to fifty0 atomic number 24. revenues) functioning on the worldwide services/delivery model as compared to the massive players .Especially rock bottom line revenues could get worn and growth rates could get stalled and these corporations could ought to be ready for an extended haul.

In such a state of affairs, such S&M IT services corporations will capitalize the potential offered by Cloud computing to spruce up their business. Here is why Cloud capabilities and repair offerings underneath their belt is also useful to induce a lot of business.

With budget constraints and price cutting initiatives ,Organisations might want to scale back the prices and overheads of running non-core,departmental applications. Migration to the Cloud might facilitate . therefore there might presumably be a lot of work rising during this house.
S&M IT services players could deploy their excess internal IT staff/resources that gets developed in a very economic condition surroundings to develop IT solutions for business acceleration to the cloud. this might offer them a grip and supply new avenues.
ISVs (Independent package vendors) could notice it laborious to sell their package on the on-premise model in a very economic condition state of affairs and that they could ought to reinvent low price SaaS delivery models mistreatment Cloud Computing and time to promote could ought to be shorter. this can be another state of affairs to explore with the correct capabilities and repair offerings
There is an enormous SMB market sector in Asian nation that is nonetheless to reap the advantages of the ondemand Cloud computing for his or her IT and business operations. throughout economic condition times, Indian SMBs is also gazing optimizing their business operations through price,resource and potency factors and Cloud computing will be one in every of the avenues to handle a number of their crucial desires. Already we’ve public Clouds in Asian nation and personal clouds will be engineered. this could offer a chance for S&M IT players to airt their resources and efforts to produce low price cloud primarily based Business-technology solutions. this might be a brand new supply of revenue to create up for the reduction within the pure-play outsourcing business. thus taking part in within the home turf that in all fairness well insulated from the affections within the U.S. and West might offer the taking part in ground.
Finally , Cloud computing is also used as a tool and with the correct approach,solutions and capabilities, S&M Indian IT players with the the flexibility to assist lower the costs/TCO,increase productivity,scale up with lesser burnout,solve business issues,bring higher property,increase ROI for his or her shoppers is also in a very position spin the state of affairs in to a positive one.
To Summarize my thoughts, Cloud computing provides an occasional entry barrier and a versatile and low price model for organisations to sustain and optimize their IT and business efficiencies. particularly this can be a boon throughout a recession . IT players UN agency square measure able to offer price to organizations also as solve the business issues through cloud computing particularly throughout AN inclement economic climate is also able to survive and sustain higher,differentiate and should even be able to grow their business throughout such times.