Tuesday, February 25

This network issue where instances in multiple zones lost connectivity first began.

Google has resolved a problem with Google cipher Engine whereby its platform went down for 2 hours.

The network issue wherever instances in ‘multiple zones’ lost property initial began at 2259 US civil time (0659 GMT), with Google initial issuance AN update on 2346.

“The drawback with network property in Google cipher Engine is resolved as of shortly once 0100 US/Pacific,” a Google standing page explained. “We ar sorry any problems this might have caused to you or your users and many thanks for your patience and continued support.

“Please rest assured that system responsibleness may be a prime priority at Google, and that we ar perpetually operating to enhance the responsibleness of our systems,” it added.

Google has historically been one amongst the additional reliable public cloud suppliers. in keeping with CloudHarmony’s metrics for 2014, cipher Engine suffered sixty six outages last year for a ninety nine.982% SLA. Google’s Cloud DNS had a 100 percent record, with Cloud Storage suffering eight outages and App Engine only 1 outage.

Yet this period is especially ironic given the search large launched PerfKit earlier in Feb, AN open supply cloud benchmarking tool that aims to be a “living benchmark framework, designed to evolve as cloud technology changes.” it had been significantly fascinating on however Google would do against its opponents.

Earlier this year Google additionally declared Cloud observation, a service that tracks usage and period for Cloud Platform and Amazon internet Services customers, likewise as Cloud Trace, that permits developers to form reports on their app’s performance by finding traces of slow requests.