Monday, February 17

Here’s the Google operation of and spam. masses there.

This morning I got letter of invitation from an addict to attach through appeared innocent enough, and that i fell for it. that is to mention, they got one amongst my email addresses. Nothing additional. so much as i do know. however somehow they place X and N along and started spamming folks i do know.

Now I actually have 5 emails from friends, so far, and one every from my married woman and my sister, every with copies of spams from The emailings go like this:

I searched for you on, however you weren’t there. i exploit to go looking for lost friends and contacts, and to remain connected with folks i do know, therefore please connect with ME.
— Doc
Connect with Doc Now! – You’ll additionally decide if anyone else is sorting out you.
I omitted the links.

Oh, I additionally got one just like the on top of, from myself. Another different notified ME that “You’ve simply been added to Doc Searls’s Address Book.”

What address book? and the way precisely did they get that list of contacts?

Fortunately all those friends and relatives UN agency wrote back were smarter than i used to be and saw the e-mail from because the scam it’s. Others? I dunno. Live and re-learn, I guess.

I am among the smallest amount litigious folks on Earth. however I can’t facilitate however surprise … may I (or we) sue these bastards for false representation? Invasion of privacy?

[Later, on twenty eight Gregorian calendar month 2008…] Since this post presently comes up initial in Google searches for spam, it’s a lightning rod for continuing complaints regarding, that is clearly still Associate in Nursing asshole company. tho’ that they’ll be, I’m not about to sue them, since I actually have uncountable higher things to try to to. therefore I simply denote this update, and recommend readers attend the Wikipedia article on for details regarding what’s wrong with the corporate and what very little you’ll be able to do regarding it apart from avoid and complain.